With a new season of “The Bachelor Canada” underway, Canada’s first “Bachelorette”, Jasmine Lorimer, is looking back at her time on the show.

Joining ET Canada’s Roz Weston in the studio, “The Bachelorette Canada” star opens up about moving on with her love life since ending her fairytale romance with finale winner Kevin Wendt five months after the show’s end.

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“I still feel emotional about it,” Lorimer explains. “I’ve never re-watched the finale. I will never be able to re-watch that in my life.” She adds, “It’s heartbreaking for me to watch. I tried to re-watch it a bunch of times to numb myself to the feelings, and I just would ball my eyes out every time.”

Speaking about her current love life, Lorimer reveals there is someone in her life: “I’m kind of seeing somebody now, but it’s still casual. I haven’t been out there dating, dating. It’s just someone that I used to know and we’ve been friends for a long time, so I’m kind of trying that out.”

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“I couldn’t imagine myself actually going on, like dates,” she explains. “I think that would take a long time for me to get to that place,” adding, “From the show, I feel like I’m really aware of my needs and my wants, and I want to make sure I’m paying attention to that.”

When it comes to this season’s “Bachelor Canada” Chris Leroux, the reality star advises, “Don’t be afraid to ask questions.” She continues, “I think being open and taking advantage of that position you’re being put in, to feel free to ask the questions you want to and be a little bit selfish.”

“The Bachelor Canada” airs on W Network Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.