WARNING: Spoilers ahead for the Oct. 25 episode of “The Bachelor Canada”.






Shanti may be gone, but the drama is far from over on “The Bachelor Canada.”

Though the self-proclaimed A-lister complained about cooking and cleaning for the other women, and even berated them for not doing so themselves, Brittany M. seems to have happily inherited the caretaker role – and Shanti’s collection of handheld fans – but not without some suspicion within the house.

“She wants to feed everyone, but she’s not eating her own food,” Jessie points out, as Brittany M. slaves away in the kitchen preparing things like protein bars and margaritas. “Is Brittany making this for us to be generous, or is she just trying to make us all fat?”

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But Brittany the nurturer doesn’t stick around for long. She later declares during the bull-riding group date, “It’s not about making sure every girl in the house is happy – I’m tired of worrying about them, and I’m ready to get that rose. You know I’m ready to kill today.” Yikes!

She’s not the only one feeling the pressure, either. Elsewhere, Chris invites Mikaela, Stacey, Catie and Meghan to go ziplining – much to Meghan’s horror.

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“I’m super afraid of heights,” she confesses. “I like Chris, so I don’t really wanna wimp out and make him think that I’m a wussy.” And even though she cries before heading down the zipline (not to mention during and after), Chris admits he’s “impressed” by her bravery.

Mikaela ultimately walks away from the ziplining adventure with the group date rose, but she’s not content to sit on the sidelines at the cocktail party. Instead, she actively seeks more time with Chris, much to the chagrin of the other women – especially those who haven’t had one-on-one time with him recently. Still, she’s undeterred. “Do I have to impress the women tonight, or do I have to impress Chris tonight?”

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While the move certainly advances Mikaela’s relationship with Chris, he still has to decide which relationships are at a standstill. Ultimately, Brittany W. and April are sent home at this week’s rose ceremony.

The Bachelor Canada” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on W Network, followed by “The Bachelor Canada After Show”. For an update from the star of last year’s “The Bachelorette Canada”, Jasmine Lorimer, watch the video below.