Why did we do ‘ET Canada Live’? Here’s Roz’s take…

If, on a normal night, ET Canada is a well oiled machine, then ET Canada Live is a rocket ship that someone hands you the keys to and says “do whatever you want, just don’t crash it.’ I’ve never flown a rocket ship before.

On a normal day our show is something that comes together piece by piece and bit by bit. We start shooting a little before noon every day and do what we can when it’s ready. We’re waiting for interviews to be cut, scripts to be written – we track down quotes from agents and stars and monitor breaking news. But essentially the entire show is shot out of order – one little piece and one little bit at a time.

Live changes everything. Live is also terrifying.

I’m not sure who came up with the idea of going live, and how we settled on the format we did. The question most of us had going into this was, “why are we doing our show live?’ Part of the allure, and heritage of the ET brand is perfection. The show is as perfect as the people involved can make it. So why go live? Why are we doing this? Why risk looking less than perfect? As the red light went on last night, the theme song played and the control room counted down in our ears, all those questions were answered. We did the show live, because live is fun! Nothing more, nothing less – it’s just fun! It’s fun for those involved, and it’s fun for the viewers at home.

I think all our hearts broke just a little when Rick reverted right back to his old MuchMusic days, getting completely lost in chaos yet still managing to look like he was having the time of his life. It took seconds for the Rick The Temp Tweets to start coming in. If I had my phone on set – I would have joined in.

On a normal day, Cheryl and I spend at least two (paid) hours debating the ridiculous opinions (mostly hers) on the big stories of the day. This was the first time our private fights went prime time… But not the last.

ET Canada Live returns next Wednesday, October 10. I can’t promise it’ll be perfect, but I guarantee it’ll be fun.

– By Roz Weston



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