When Kate Winslet appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” in February last year, the late-night host brought up a photo from the SAG Awards in which Winslet was caught copping a feel of Susan Sarandon’s chest. Now, almost two years later, Sarandon finally gives us her side of the story.

Sarandon joined Kimmel on the sofa Thursday night, and once again, the comedian referenced the boob-grabbing photo, which he described as “a safari monkey reaching out and doing whatever she pleases.”

The picture in question sees Winslet stretching her arm across to Sarandon while actor Michael Shannon stands awkwardly between the two women.

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When Kimmel asked the 71-year-old actress if Winslet had asked permission, she replied bluntly, “No.” But she didn’t seem to care about the whole situation.

“I don’t know if she was trying to see if they were real… What did she say?” Sarandon asked Kimmel. “Did she have an explanation?”

After Kimmel said that Winslet had no explanation, Sarandon went on to say, “It was lovely. But I felt bad for [Michael Shannon], he was kind of caught in the middle.”

“We feel like we all know each other, the women who survive in this business for any amount of time,” she continued. “You kind of bond, for the most part. That’s why we never knock each other. So it felt perfectly fine.”

You can watch the clip above.