BBCan3 Winner Sarah Hanlon: ‘It Feels Like A Complete Dream’

After 70 days in the “Big Brother Canada” house, Sarah Hanlon was crowned the winner of BBCan3!

But before she could go back to the regular world, the winner stopped by the ET Canada studio on Thursday to tell Cheryl Hickeymore about her difficult journey.

“It feels like a complete dream,” she tells us. “I’m almost scared to fall asleep because I don’t want to wake up and be back in the house with a whole lot of work ahead of me.”;

Rather than getting some well-deserved sleep, Sarah says she “just thought of how lucky I am,” adding, “just for the experience alone I would have been so thrilled. I love Big Brother and it’s a dream come true to make it so far, make all the days, and to win is just like icing on the cake.”;

But the real question is: What is she going to do with the prize money?

“I don’t know! I’m definitely not going to like buy a sports car or anything like that,”; she tells Cheryl. “I just… support the people who supported me throughout my life. I had a lot of it so hopefully I can give back a little bit now.”;

As a viewer, it was clear that Sarah was a very strategic player. Many fans believed she was the one to take it all. But Cheryl wanted to know what she thought about the outcome.

“I’m absolutely mindblown. Shocked beyond belief,”; she reveals. “I wanted to think… you know, fake it till you make it. Confidence. I knew I was going there to play as hard as I could but I mean you can’t ever think that you’re going to win! And maybe that’s why… I was never comfortable.”;

Even before she went in the house she was faking her winner attitude. We showed Sarah an interview clip of her telling Sangita Patel on her way into the house:  “Oh I’m going to win. Yeah, I’m going to win.”;

Moving on to her home life. Cheryl asked the former ‘hemp’loyee about her partner at home: “We’ve been partners for 10 years. We’ve been best friends joined at the hip. We’ve known each other since high school.”;

And although Sarah was seen making out with Willow in the show, she doesn’t think it will affect the longtime relationship she’s hadwith Scott: “Oh he knows me quite well. He knows that a little kiss here isn’t going to break the bank, or you know break anything. When you’re together 10 years you get quite comfortable and you know what’s going to cross the line.”;

Now that she’s out of the house and into the real world, Cheryl wanted to know what she wanted to do when she got home: “Catch up on TV starting with Big Brother. It’s weird because as a fan I missed watching Big Brother and now it’s going to be just like a crazy experience to watch myself on it.”;

It’s a bittersweet moment for Sarah. She’s glad to have won, but sad to leave the game behind: “The other people for sure and being forced to talk to people and not have all of the distractions like my TV and my phone and all that.”; Adding, “and the fun tasks and the people coming in and out and just… The never knowing of what to expect. It was anxiety filled for sure, but it was fun! Every day was something new. I’m going to miss everyone.”;

But the houseguests will keep in touch right?

“I hope so,”; she says. “I’m going to try! I’m going to be as annoying out of the house as I was in that house. I’m going to hound these people down.”;

Other than the grand prize, the one thing she is taking away from this experience is a lesson learned in confidence: “You know, I was really hard on myself in the house. And I would like to learn to have more self confidence and not beat myself up so much about the little things.”;

Congratulations Sarah for winning the third season of “Big Brother Canada”! And to all of the “Big Brother Canada” fans out there,BBCan3 may be over, but fear not because Season 17 of “Big Brother” premieres on Wednesday, June 24 on Global.

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