Aziz Ansari Takes Down Award Shows In Hilarious BAFTA L.A. Acceptance Speech

Aziz Ansari got to pick up a big award on Friday, but he was pretty annoyed about it.

Ansari was receiving the Charlie Chaplin Britannia Award for Excellence in Comedy from BAFTA Los Angeles. And though he appeared to be honoured, he used his hilarious acceptance speech to explain just how annoying it was that he couldn’t accept it from home, in the UK.

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Though the AMD British Academy Britannia Awards are generally seen as British, Hollywood and the UK industries have united to honour actors from both sides of the pond at the Los Angeles ceremony.

“I was in London, and I had to fly to L.A. from London to accept a f***ing British award,” he joked. “That is not cool. I almost wanted to stay in protest.”

Ansari said he had been spending time with a friend in London, having a great time, “and then who comes in and ruins my amazing British experience? The f***ing BAFTAs.”

He even asked if he could send a video to accept the award, but apparently that wasn’t possible.

The criticisms weren’t limited to having to appear at the U.S. held ceremony, though. Ansari went after the whole affair, from putting on a tux, to getting into an SUV, to having to “eat this f***ing awful award show food.”

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And in case anyone was worried he was being serious, Ansari ended his speech by saying, “All of that stuff is just jokes. This is really a very nice thing.”

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