Feelings Get Deeper As The ‘L’ Word Gets Dropped On ‘The Bachelor Canada’

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for the Nov. 1 episode of “The Bachelor Canada”.





Things are getting serious on “The Bachelor Canada”.

As Chris becomes more and more invested in the women, so too are they beginning to feel more and more connected to him. “My connection with Chris is developing at a faster pace than anyone else’s,” Brittany declares right off the bat. There’s no denying their chemistry as they get hot and heavy during their group date, but the same can also be said about Chris and Jessie, who finally scores some alone time with the retired baseball pro. “I literally can see myself with you,” he tells her.

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Although Jessie’s getting closer to Chris, she’s more apprehensive than ever of Brittany. She eventually takes it upon herself to confront the pageant queen on behalf of the rest of the women.

“You’re really creating a negative vibe around this whole house,” Jessie says, while Brittany counters, “I’m focused on me and Chris. Worry about you.”

But aside from the drama, there’s plenty of “Bomba!” Another group date sees the ladies travel to a local school to write and perform a “bomba,” a traditional Latin American poem. While Dee and Lyndsey’s composition falls flat, and Lara and Lisa don’t fare much better, Meghan and Mikaela prove to be a winning duo. The two ultimately square off in a freestyle battle, where Mikaela emerges victorious — and earns a private mini golf date, followed by a romantic evening dance. “I could definitely see myself falling in love with Chris,” she reveals.

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But Catie takes it one step further. After getting very close with Chris during their one-on-one yoga date, followed by an even steamier makeout session in the pool, she finally says it: “I think, 100 per cent, I’m falling in love with Chris.”

Things don’t go as well for Dee, however. Although she and Chris had an unmistakable spark at the start of their courtship, the stress of being away from her daughter is building, and he can tell.

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“I’m not here to waste anybody’s time,” Chris says, revealing his uncertainty about their future. “When it comes to love, I want honesty, and she deserves it.”

Ultimately, Chris sends Dee home out of “respect” for her role as a mother, with Lara joining her after being left empty-handed in the rose ceremony.

The Bachelor Canada” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on W Network, followed by “The Bachelor Canada After Show”. Watch the video below to find out what Dee and Lara thought of being sent home – and which of the remaining women they’re rooting for.

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