Noel Gallagher Has A Scissor Player In His Band, Brother Liam Gallagher Mocks Him On Twitter

A TV performance by Noel Gallagher and his band High Flying Birds raised a lot of questions during a performance on “Later…With Jools Holland”.

The elder Gallagher brother took the stage with his band which included a woman “playing” the scissors. One of Gallagher’s backing musicians was deep in concentration with her rhythmic scissor-playing throughout the entire performance of the band’s new song,  “She Taught Me How To Fly”.

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The unusual “instrument” had fans on Twitter asking a lot of questions. Not one to pass up a chance to take a dig at his brother, Liam Gallagher jumped into the fray on Twitter, mocking the performance.

The former Oasis frontman had a fun time with fans, telling them he doesn’t have a “scissorist” lined up for his next album, but he is planning to have several other unusual musical instruments on his tour.

Making fun of the scissor player, Gallagher joked that he had a pencil sharpener, sticker-ripper and banana-peeler lined up for his next tour.

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