Dan Levy is taking TV critic John Doyle to task over what he says is a homophobic review of his show “The Great Canadian Baking Show”.

Writing about the series in the Globe and Mail, Doyle said, “[Judges Bruno Feldeisen and Rochelle Adonis] are a tad stiff and nervous and little wonder – at any moment, they know they might be swarmed by the feyness of Levy and the tweeness of [actress Julia] Chan.”

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Levy quickly responded, not just to the overall negative review, but specifically to Doyle’s use of the word “fey,” writing that the term is “offensive, irresponsible, and homophobic.”

Doyle also received criticism from Flare writer Russ Martin, who said, “What’s important to recognize here is that there are some words that carry perilous weight when you pair them with a gay man’s name.”

ET Canada has reached out to Doyle for comment.

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Levy’s followers, including his own mother, responded with both support for the TV host and “Schitt’s Creek” star, and criticism of Doyle’s comment.