Actress Ellen Barkin Scares Away Would-Be Robber At Manhattan Home

Actress Ellen Barkin, who stars in the TV series “Animal Kingdom”, woke up Wednesday morning to find a real-life crime taking place in her own home.

Barkin was awoken at around 6:45 a.m. Wednesday when she heard a noise at her Manhattan home, and upon inspection, she was confronted by an intruder at her balcony door.

The 63-year-old actress told NYPD officers that she held the door closed while the would-be burglar tried to push his way in. He eventually fled the scene via the fire escape.

Police officers searched the surrounding area but found no suspects. The intruder did not steal anything from Barkin’s property.

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Following the incident, Barkin took to Twitter, where she posted about the home invasion, the aftermath, and her thoughts on the local law enforcement.

“…the first responders were great, here in 70secs! still waiting for the detectives… it’s only been 4 hours,” the “Ocean’s Thirteen” star tweeted.

She followed that up with another tweet, in which she referred to the terror attack in Lower Manhattan on Tuesday.

The NYPD told Newsday that: “Patrol [officers] responded with[in] 2 minutes. 6th Precinct detectives were assisting the terror investigation on the West Side Highway.”


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