Have you ever wanted to watch a Rage Against The Machine band member’s spinal surgery tucked into a music video? If so, quit browsing through the “Musicians Undergoing Medical Procedures”; section of your local video store and scroll just a lil’ further down.

RATM bassist Tim Commerford has woven actual footage of surgery on his spine into the new “Voodoo Juju”; promo put out by his current band Future User. Commerford suffered a ruptured disc which necessitated the procedure and the musician was able to talk his doctor into letting the surgery be filmed. The “Voodoo Juju”; clip plays as a satire of the American health care system with a cast that includes Rage guitarist Tom Morello and Rush legends Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson. Naturally, Lee and Lifeson take on the role of Canadian medical professionals.

Care to give Future User’s “Voodoo Juju”; video a watch? We have it tucked below in all its surgical glory.