Julianna Margulies is the latest actress to come forward and reveal her own sleazy encounter with Harvey Weinstein, in addition to an even creepier incident involving Steven Seagal.

The former star of “The Good Wife” appeared on Jenny Hutt’s SiriusXM talk show, “Just Jenny”, where discussion of Weinstein came up.

As Margulies explains, she agreed to meet Weinstein in his hotel room to discuss a movie role, but brought along her female personal assistant to accompany her.

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“He [Weinstein] opened the door, in a bathrobe. I could see that there were candles lit in the room, and there was a dinner for two,” says Margulies. “And I saw him stare at her [the assistant], daggers. And he looked at me, furious. And he slammed the door. And, of course, I didn’t get the part.”

Her encounter with Seagal, however, was far weirder, and she reveals that it occurred when a casting director instructed her to join Seagal in his hotel room in order to go over a scene.

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“When I was 23, a casting director, a woman, said, ‘Steven Seagal wants to go over the scene with you in his hotel room at 10 o’clock at night.’ I got to the hotel at 10:40, and she wasn’t there. And he was. Alone,” she says.

“And he made sure that I saw his gun, which I had never seen a gun in real life. And I got out of there unscathed … I never was raped. And I never was harmed. And I don’t know how I got out of that hotel room.”

She adds: “It always starts with, ‘I’m a healer, I want to massage you’ and all. I sorta screamed my way out… But, the point is that for years, years, we all just shrug it off.”

Listen to Margulies’ conversation with Hutt below: