Oprah Winfrey Dishes On Most Difficult Guests And Life With Partner Stedman Graham

Oprah Winfrey takes over the “Harry” show on Tuesday!  

Harry Connick Jr. gets a visit from the Queen of All Media for the full hour of his talk show. The two television personalities chat about Winfrey’s career, her relationship with her longtime partner and the most difficult guests to work with.

Winfrey, 63, insists money hasn’t changed her as a person, but definitely has its benefits. “I’m not acting like ‘oh gee money isn’t important’ and all that, because it does add a certain level of comfort to you. But this is the real truth, wherever you are in your life, if you win the lottery you will still be the same person,” she tells Connick Jr.

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“You will still be the same person and that money and those things you will now be able to buy are just a magnifying glass on who you already are,” Winfrey continues.

The two also gossip about the most difficult types of guests to work with on air. “The worst kind of guest, you’ve had this too, when you ask them question and they start talking about 1975, and then you think ‘oh we are in 2017, how long is it going to take us to get to 2017?’,” Winfrey dishes.

But there is also another kind. “The other worst guest for me are those who think whatever they are talking about is so spectacular,” she adds. “And you know it’s not so, my go to word was always, ‘Wow.’ Like a ‘Wow, wow really?’”

And then there is even more! “And the other worst thing… I had a guest on who was a lawyer,” Winfrey says. “I can’t remember the show and he mentioned the book 29 times, that’s after I started counting.”

Fortunately, Winfrey had a clever way to shut down the shameless self-promotion: “Every sentence started. ‘In my book, in my book and if you buy my book,’ and so I finally around third segment, I said, ‘We all know the name of the book. Audience tell him the name of the book… So you don’t have to say the name of the book anymore.’”

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The longtime “Oprah Winfrey Show” host is congratulated by Connick Jr. on her 30-plus year relationship with educator Stedman Graham. “You’ve been with Stedman for over 30 years. Congratulations,” Connick Jr. says. “What’s it like just kicking it at y’alls house?”

Saturday morning I’m making breakfast, I make him blueberry pancakes,” Winfrey replies. “I do a special blueberry sauce jam myself. This is the thing that is so wonderful about Stedman who has just been steadfast in my life and has wanted the best for me and has never ever felt like he was in my shadow but always pushing me to the light, I mean that’s what you want,” she gushes.

Concluding, “And every single time it will not fail, if I make the pancake he’ll say, ‘This is the best pancake I ever had.’ The other day I did English muffin’s he said, ‘How did u get this muffin?’ I went, ‘I toasted it.'”

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