‘The Bachelor Canada’: Who Gave Chris The ‘Hottest Date’ Of His Life, And Who Went Home?

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for the Nov. 8 episode of W Network’sThe Bachelor Canada”.





The Bachelor Canada” is getting hotter than ever – and not just from the tropical sun.

Chris and the ladies may have moved from Costa Rica to the Dominican Republic, but they didn’t leave the drama behind. With the women growing more and more distrustful of Brittany, the pageant queen scores a one-on-one date, much to everyone else’s disdain.

But Brittany seizes the opportunity to get closer to Chris – literally. She goes in for kiss after kiss, to the point where Chris says, “We can’t make out the whole time.” Brittany even offers to straddle him, and despite his concerns about physical connection being enough, Chris awards her a rose, declaring it “the hottest date of [his] life.”

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Meanwhile, Lyndsey tells the rest of the women that Brittany admitted to slipping Chris a note behind the scenes – a major faux-pas. When they eventually confront her on the issue, Brittany is totally unbothered, even telling the ladies, “My date was f***ing amazing.” Way to rub it in!

Elsewhere, drama is also brewing between Kait and Meghan. When the ladies, along with Jessie, get picked for a group fishing date, Meghan comes down with seasickness. While Jessie jumps to her aid, Kait takes advantage of the situation to get alone time with Chris. Jessie declares Kait “fishy” (pun intended, I assume), and ultimately, it’s Meghan who comes away with a rose.

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Later, Chris takes the ladies to play baseball with local children, which gets Lyndsey thinking about the future. “All I can think about is how sexy he’s gonna be as a dad one day,” she tells the camera. “He’ll coach the little league team, and I’ll be the mom, and I’ll be like, ‘That’s mine!'”

But Chris isn’t quite there. After declaring her the MVP of the game and awarding her some one-on-one time, he makes it clear he’s still hung up on his and Lyndsey’s 10-year age gap.

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“I know what I want,” she assures him, drawing from her grandparents’ love story. “I’m ready to find a partner. I’m ready to find my person, and to start my adventure with them.” Obviously swayed, Chris decides to keep things going with Lyndsey and gives her a rose.

At the rose ceremony, Lisa isn’t so lucky and is left without a rose. Thankfully, she sees the silver lining: “I get to go home and see my squirrels, he’s a human and I’m a mermaid, and I looked good tonight!”

The Bachelor Canada” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on W Network, followed by “The Bachelor Canada After Show”.

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