A TV reporter in Victoria, Australia, was setting up to do a report on the steps of a courthouse when she found herself accosted by passerby who apparently hates journalists, and decided to take out his anger on her with a rude, profanity-laded verbal attack.

According to News Corp, the unidentified man drove by and witnessed reporter Maggie Raworth and a camera operator setting up, and parked his car in order get in their faces.

“Get a real job, the both of you. F**king journos, lowest of the low,” the dude told Raworth and the camera operator.

Raworth, however, remained calm and professional throughout the uncomfortable encounter. “What’s your problem, Sir? What have I personally done to you?” she asked him.

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“You chose to be a journalist, there’s a million and one jobs in this world and you chose to be a lying piece of s**t for a living,” he fired back. “Give it five f**king years and you’ll be out of a job, all wrinkled up and s**t. You’re already getting fat and that so f**k.”

Raworth, remaining calm, pulled out her phone and began taking photos of the verbally abusive man, which led him to blurt out: “Yeah, film me b**ch, at least I make money, unlike you. Local news motherf**kers.”

After posting a video of the incident on Facebook, which can be watched above, although be forewarned that the profanity hasn’t been bleeped.

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Raworth spoke with News Corp about what happened, revealing she’s developed a thick skin when it comes to doing her job.

“It happens all the time, every TV journalist can say that happens to them almost on a daily basis. I get yelled at from cars all the time, it’s just part of the job,” she revealed.

“Don’t just hate somebody you don’t even know purely because they work for the media,” Raworth advises the public. “Nobody deserves to be spoken to like that and you shouldn’t just have to accept people speaking to you in that manner.”