Yes, there will be blood.The first trailer for the big screen adaptation of Macbeth has hit the Internet and if the teaser is any indication, the film promises every bit of moody gloom that the original Shakespearean stage production had.

“Steve [McQueen] always says, “Let’s try and fail better next time,'”; the film’s star, Michael Fassbender told EW about taking the role.”;The risk you might fall flat on your face is critical.”;

“I love the idea of being around new, fresh talent,”; the actor continues. “With Justin [Kurzell], it’s such a treat to watch him work and say to yourself, “He’s doing exactly what he should be doing on this planet.’ The experience of working with him was exceptional. He puts his heart and soul into it.”;

Well received at Cannes, where it closed out the film festival, the film co-stars Marion Cotillard as Lady MacBeth and seems to be winning fans over in the same way with the release of this new first look.

Director Kurzel’s take on the dark story is also leaving critics excited for the team’s next project, blockbuster Assassin’s Creed, suggesting that if this film is any indication, the world might very well get its first great videogame movie.

A release date for the film is not yet set. Watch the trailer below.

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