While in Toronto for his Just For Laughs comedy tour, T.J. Miller explains his decision to leave “Silicon Valley” and what it was like returning to work with Ryan Reynolds for “Deadpool 2”.

The comedian spilled some secrets about the superhero sequel to ET Canada’s Carlos Bustamante, suggesting there may even be a spin-off for his character Weasel in the future.

“The script is funnier than the first one, and we sort of realized that we really nailed the tone in the first film,” he says of “Deadpool 2”. Miller welcomed a return to the set with the cast and crew, comparing filming the sequel to returning to summer camp.

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“It was really fun, it was kind of like going back to summer camp, because you also know that there’s going to be a third one, and maybe a Weasel spin-off, and so you know, you’re kind of back in the saddle with most of the people that did the first one,” he says. “Ryan is completely comfortable in that part.”

“The first movie had some real, gravitas to it, and we’re upping the anti with the cinematography and the action is going to be even crazier, because the director is the guy who did ‘John Wick’ [David Leitch] so across the board I think it’s going to be better than the first one. I’m excited,” he says.

Miller, who is currently on a cross-Canada tour, admits he left the series “Silicon Valley” for personal reasons.

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“The thing I keep reminding people is that my wife [Kate Gorney] is sort of this underground famous mixed media artist in NYC. ‘Silicon Valley’ was becoming five or six months out of the year that I was in L.A. saying ‘Hey, if you want to come visit me and put your life on hold – I’ll be here, but this is where I have to be half the year,” he says.

One of the other factors that contributed to his decision to exit the show was his stand-up comedy.

“You can’t become a great comic unless you’ve put in the time to do stand-up comedy and if I was doing ‘Silicon Valley’ I wouldn’t be here right now talking to you. I wouldn’t be able to go to the cities that I’m going to on this JFL tour,” Miller explains.

“Canadians have such a good sense of humour about themselves, and it really is a huge country of people that love to have a good time,” he adds.