Jonathan Rhys Meyers captivated audiences for four seasons on the historical drama “The Tudors”; now he’s partnering with creator Michael Hirst again, going even further back in time to continue the story of History Channel’s hit “Vikings”.

Joining the cast for the highly anticipated season 5, the actor plays Bishop Heahmund, the sexy Saxon character who was teased in the season 4 finale.

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“He’s a bishop and a warrior, he’s a warrior before he’s a bishop,” Jonathan Rhys Meyers tells ET Canada in an exclusive interview on set in Ireland’s Ancient East.

Although the bishop’s introduction to the show is that of a God-fearing man, audiences learn quickly that there is a duality to the character that makes him a perfect fit for the series.

“They were the precursor to the Knights Templar. They were trained, obviously very intelligent because a bishop would have to be, and they were men of God, but they fought,” “Vikings” creator Michael Hirst says about Meyers’ character. “Bishop Heahmund was famous; he died on the battlefield”.

“He’s like an insane person when he puts on his armour,” Hirst continues. “They are completely prepared to die for their god, so it makes them very dangerous, and Jonathan Rhys Meyers is a great, very physical actor who’s compulsively watchable.”

But for a man of the church, Heahmund doesn’t really follow the rules — especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

Meyers tells Erin Cebula about Heahmund’s sinful behaviour, teasing, “when a woman becomes involved, then there’s a fight between Christ and the heart.”

And even though Meyers is a seasoned pro, there was one challenge to taking on the role: missing home.

At the time ET Canada was on set, the actor and his wife Mara were expecting their first child, whom Jonathan helped to deliver, but before he made it home, he shares with us what it felt like to be away from home during such an exciting time.

“This is a nine-month shoot,” Meyers shares, going into depth about the “reality” of being an actor. “You want to take on a role that you love, but at the same time, you have to work because that’s the nature of life, and my son and my wife are the most important things in the world,” he said. “It may be tough and difficult on the side of a mountain for me to play this role,” he admits, but when “times get tough” he only has to “think about who [he’s] providing for” to make it through.

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