Hugh Grant has declined to comment on the ongoing scandal in Hollywood over sexual harassment and assault due to his own past scandal.

Speaking to Radio 4’s “Front Row”, the 57-year-old said, “When it comes to sexual ethics I don’t want to be the person to pontificate.”

“There’s murk in my past.”

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In 1995, Grant was arrested for being in a car with a prostitute in Los Angeles.

“As a general rule, and this isn’t a very daring thing to say, sexual harassment should have zero tolerance in whatever form, anywhere,” Grant said. “In whatever country, in whatever business.”

“My hat goes off to those women who are brave enough to speak out at least on the Weinstein thing,” he said.

The presenter also asked Grant about learning not to say certain things, despite his honesty. “We live in a world of bear traps,” the actor replied.

Appearing on “The Graham Norton Show”, Grant was asked what it was like to be playing a “self-obsessed, ex-famous actor” in “Paddington 2”.

“I got a letter with the script saying, ‘We’ve got this part of an extremely self-obsessed, ex-famous actor that’s fallen on hard times,'” Grant said. “I was a fraction hurt! But it was a very funny script and it was a tad therapeutic as I have deep reservoirs of actorly narcissism, neurosis, anger, and hatred that I was able to tap!”

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