“This Morning” presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby were clearly left outraged during Monday’s show, as guest Andrea Williams of the Christian Legal Centre voiced her opinions on changing school policies to accommodate transgender students.

Schofield, 55, couldn’t hide his frustration as Williams suggested it was all a “fad,” as she spoke alongside teacher Joshua Sutcliffe; who was suspended from his job after being accused of misgendering a student.

“You’re a Christian, you’re both Christians,” the enraged host said. “It doesn’t seem very Christian to me for you to be so intransigent.”

Williams then insisted: “The kindest thing that you can do for a gender confused child is to help them live in the body they are [in],” to which Sutcliffe added that students “don’t know how to react to transgender issues.”

Schofield fumed: “Shouldn’t you be teaching them? Isn’t that your job, to teach them how to react?” as Willoughby went on: “The role of a teacher isn’t just the subject you’re teaching, it’s their wellbeing.”

However, Williams hit out: “Yes, but it’s not a reality,” which riled up Schofield even more as he asked: “Are you saying that transgender isn’t a reality? In your eyes it’s not possible to be born in the wrong body?”

“No, we are born male and female,” Williams replied. “We can’t change that. Surgery can’t change that.”

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As the studio descended into chaos, Schofield admitted: “I am finding this utterly abhorrent,” before he added: “We’ll get back to the show and back to 2017 and not medieval Britain in just a moment.”

Viewers at home were just as angry as Schofield, as they took to Twitter in droves to comment on the heated interview.

One person posted: “Well done to @Schofe & @hollywills for handling a subject like this with so much dignity & respect #thismorning.” A second added: “Such a refreshing change that tv personalities actually care enough and not afraid to voice it. Excellent work regarding transgender issues on #ThisMorning over the last few months. @hollywills too. Abhorrent is spot on. #BeKind.”

However, a third wrote: “Leaving aside the issue, @hollywills and @Schofe need to remember they are there to interview, not talk over, shout down, and describe other people’s views as ‘abhorrent’ whilst being bigots themselves. Completely unprofessional…#ThisMorning.”