Watch: Jason Aldean Recalls Moment Gunshots Rang Out In Las Vegas, Talks About Being Back On Stage

Jason Aldean sat down with the “Today” show for a revealing interview set to air Tuesday, in which the country music artist recalls the horror of being onstage when gunman Stephen Paddock opened fire on the crowd of 22,000 concertgoers at the Route 91 music festival in Las Vegas, ultimately taking the lives of 59 people and injuring hundreds more.

“We wear in-ear monitors when we’re on stage, and really all you can hear is the music. And maybe your guys can talk to you on microphones that are on side stage or whatever,” says Aldean in the above sneak peek from Tuesday’s interview.

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“So when it first happened, I thought a speaker had blown. It just sounded like a crackling something. So I’m kind of looking around, kind of like, ‘What is that?’, trying to figure out what it is,” Aldean adds.

“Then it stopped. So I was like, ‘Well, alright, they must have got it fixed, and kept doing my thing,” he continues.

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Then, he notes, “It happened again and it lasted longer the second time, then I was actually getting aggravated. I looked over at my monitor guy who’s on the side of the stage, as if to say, ‘What is that? Fix it.’ So when I turned to look, my guitar player had run behind me and was telling me to move, like let’s go. My security guy was running onstage, telling me to run…”

Aldean and a group of other country singers spoke about the importance of getting back to the music after a tragedy.

“I feel like at the end of the day there’s so much focus on politics, and race, and all these other things,” Aldean said. “At the end of the day, we’re all in this together. We spend so much time arguing with each other, and not enough time working on the issue that’s really the problem.

You can hear the rest of Aldean’s harrowing story in Tuesday’s edition of “Today”.




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