Chipotle Stock Plummets After ‘Supergirl’ Star Jeremy Jordan Sent To ER After Eating At Fast Food Chain: ‘I Almost Died’

Chipotle stock is taking a beating after “Supergirl” star Jeremy Jordan took to social media to share his own personal experience of falling violently ill after eating at one of the fast food chain’s outlets, revealing he wound up in the emergency room where he “almost died.”

Despite the chain’s claims to Bloomberg that “there is not a link and there are no other reports of illness at the restaurant,” Chipotle’s stock fell by “as much as 5.9 per cent to $263, bringing them to the lowest level in almost five years,” reports Bloomberg.

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Jordan, who plays Winslow “Winn” Schott Jr. on the Vancouver-shot series (which airs in Canada on Showcase), laid out what happened in his first-ever Instagram Story, in which he’s pictured in a hospital bed with an IV hooked into his arm.

“I know I’ve advocated for them in the past, but they’re terrible,” Jordan said in the now-expired Instagram story, reports People. “I, as you can see, am in the hospital and I have fluids in my arm because the food did not agree with me and I almost died.”

Added Jordan: “I just want to thank my wife for being amazing and talking me off the ledge when I was on the phone about to die and Chris Wood for holding my hair back metaphorically. I love all of you; thank you so much. It’s been a night.”

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This is the latest PR disaster to befall Chipotle, reminds the Los Angeles Times, which has endured such incidents as a 2015 E. coli outbreak that hit 60 people in 11 U.S. states, a salmonella outbreak in Wisconsin and Minnesota, multiple norovirus outbreaks and, most recently, mice falling from the ceiling of a Dallas location in the middle of the restaurant’s lunch rush in July.

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