Colin Farrell Tells Ellen His Sons Were Bored During ‘Dumbo’ Set Visit

Colin Farrell brought his sons to the set of his upcoming film, “Dumbo”, but as it turns out they were not very interested in the experience.

The actor appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Tuesday and shared the story of how he brought Henry, 8, and James, 14, to the shoot for the Disney remake.

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It got off on the wrong foot when Farrell realized he might have missed the right age for his kids to be excited about “Dumbo”, as neither was impressed by the idea. “I think I missed the ‘cool window’ by about two years,” he said.

But then they actually came to the set and, Farrell said, “Both boys were swiftly really bored by what they saw.”

Farrell explained that the reason was, despite being a film about animals, all the animals in the film are computer generated. “You’re following a tennis ball around, and then they’re going to create the elephant after the fact,” he explained.

“Henry came to the set and he was by the monitor,” Farrell said, “and I went up to him and I asked him, ‘Do you want to go to the craft services and get a drink or a snack,’ and he said, ‘Anywhere but here.'”

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DeGeneres suggested that the experience means his sons won’t end up in the film business, to which Farrell joked, “I hope not.”

“Both my boys can do whatever they wish to do, and wherever the path of life takes them,” Farrell said on a more serious note. “As long as they’re happy, and they’re discovering life, and they’re ideally surrounded by decent people.”



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