“Jimmy Kimmel Live!” celebrated its host’s milestone 50th birthday with a special presentation from “Ocean’s 11” star George Clooney.

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Clooney, 56, hosted a birthday retrospective on the late-night talk show host. “Hello, I’m George Clooney. Join us now or the next four and a half hours, as we take a look behind the beard: ’50, Fierce and Fabulous’,” said the star.

The actor made reference to Kimmel’s 1999 Comedy Central show, “The Man Show”.

“This level of high-minded satire would not go unnoticed by the heads of American Broadcast Company,” Clooney teased.

Clooney also joked about Kimmel’s life-long, “boundless and borderline psychotic” obsession with David Letterman.

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Fellow comedians Ray Romano and Adam Sandler also made appearances on Kimmel’s 50th birthday special.

Romano announced Disney had made a donation of $250,000 to Los Angeles Children’s Hospital in honour of Kimmel’s son, Billy.

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