Seth Rogen Reveals He Steals His Wife’s Makeup

It’s not just women in Hollywood who wear makeup and sometimes male celebrities are forced to steal it from their wives.

Seth Rogen revealed on Twitter that he sometimes uses his wife’s makeup, after a photo was shared of him at the premiere of the upcoming film “The Disaster Artist”.

The 35-year old actor responded, writing, “Don’t mind me. I’m just using my wife’s makeup to cover my giant pimple before a movie premiere.”

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Fans on Twitter reacted, with one saying, “You’re not the first man to nick his wife’s concealer, and you want be the last.”

Even young star Jacob Tremblay got in on the action, responding to Rogen, “At least you have a wife, this morning I had to use my mom’s makeup.”

“Been there too, man,” Rogen replied. In fact, his sister confirmed that at one point he also used her makeup.



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