Ever since Taylor Swift’s record-breaking “Reputation” was released on Friday, fans have been speculating about lyrics in one of the new album’s songs that seemingly hint at her desire to take her platonic friendship with pal Ed Sheeran to some decidedly non-platonic places.

“I don’t want you like a best friend,” sings Swift in the song, which made many eyeballs immediately point in the direction of her most famous male friend.

However, Sheeran doesn’t think the song’s about him at all, and explained why during an Instagram livestream with Singapore-based men’s lifestyle publication August Man, reports Billboard.

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“I don’t think it is,” when asked to comment on theories that the song is about him. “I think if you read into it… it’s not… you know, because she mentions someone with a buzzcut haircut, and I’ve never had a buzzcut haircut.”

In the song, Swift sings, “Flash back when you met me / Your buzzcut and my hair bleached.”

While Sheeran may not fit the description of the mystery man described in the song, her new boyfriend Joe Alwyn does, with Billboard pointing out that he once sported a buzzcut.