UPDATE: Monday June 8, 2015 (2:40 pm ET) ET Canada has reached out and spoken with the woman on the receiving end of Snoop Dogg’s questionable interview conduct in the Maritimes. (For a full recap of the incident in question, scroll just a tad further down the page.)

Our Sangita Patel spoke with CBC camerawoman Stephanie Clattenburg about the entertainer’s comments and she revealed that it wasn’t the sexist tinge to Snoop’s approach that surprised her.

“Well, it’s pretty rare that anybody kind of points me out because I’m usually behind the camera and not conducting interviews, so the fact that somebody specifically points behind the camera and points me out and starts talking to me directly kind of caught me off guard,”; Clattenburg told ET Canada. “You know, I wasn’t surprised that what he was saying was kind of sexist and a lot people have been saying “are you really surprised that he said that?’ No, of course I’m not surprised. I mean it caught me off guard a little bit, you know. Why did he pick me out to say that to, maybe. I mean I’m not surprised that those words came out of his mouth I guess.”;

Clattenburg told Sangita that while she initially laughed off the remarks, it sunk in that the behaviour was not okay.

“Later on it just occurred to me like, “Why is that I just laughed it off? Had that been a politician or somebody, this would have been unacceptable, but the fact that he’s a rapper, we were just like “oh well, it’s just Snoop Dogg, I guess it’s ok that he said that,'”; shared Clattenburg. “But you know, I wanted to start the conversation to say: “But is it ok? Why is it ok? And how come he gets a free pass?’ I was just there doing my job, why did I become a target?”;

The camerawoman stressed that she is not angry over the comments, but simply wants to shine a light on the sexism that women face when simply trying to do their jobs.

“I’m not demanding an apology,”; she explains. “I just wanted to say “Hey, this is one of the many things that happens to all women every day when they are trying to work.'”;

Snoop Dogg is being called “creepy”; by a CBC camerawoman after the rapper made a lewd, sexist comment about her — while she was filming him.

As reported by CBC News, camerawoman Stephanie Clattenburg was on the set of Trailer Park Boys in Truro, Nova Scotia, filming Snoop during his guest starring appearance on the Netflix comedy.

While chatting with CBC reporter Elizabeth McMillan, Snoop quipped, “I like your camera girl, too. She’s thick. Damn.”; (“Thick,”; for anyone not as hip as Snoop, is defined by the Urban Dictionary as describing a woman who has “meat on her bones in all the right places.”;)

“I wasn’t even looking down,”; Snoop continued. “Now I’m forced to look down at the camera… look at the s**t on that critter.”;

While Snoop’s mostly male entourage burst out laughing, McMillan attempts to brush it off and continue with the interview.

“It was uncomfortable,”; admits McMillan. “In retrospect I wish I handled it differently. But it felt like a no-win situation. So I just gritted my teeth and tried to get through.”;

For Clattenburg, it wasn’t until after the fact that the inappropriateness of Snoop’s lewd comment hit her. “It was creepy and awkward but I just laughed it off,”; says the camerawoman. “Then later on I realized, why does he get a free pass because he’s a rapper?”;

Watch the “creepy and awkward”; exchange: