Prince William Candidly Discusses Cyberbullying With Mom Who Lost Son And Teen Who Contemplated Suicide

Prince William is getting candid about cyberbullying with those who have felt its effects firsthand.

The Royal Palace shared a discussion on Twitter on Wednesday between the Duke of Cambridge, and Lucy and Chloe — a mother who lost her son to suicide and a teenage girl who had contemplated taking her own life due to bullying online.

“It’s one thing when it happens on the playground, it’s visible there, and parents and teachers and other children can see it,” William sympathizes. “Online, only one of you sees it, and it’s so personal — it goes straight to your room.”

“It’s so brave of you both to speak so honestly about it,” he adds. “I only wish that neither of you had gone through what you’ve gone through.”

Watch the video below to hear their stories.



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