Jon Stewart could not have left “The Daily Show” at a better time.

The longtime talk show host opened up about his departure from the program in a new interview with Howard Stern. “I think I got to a point where I kind of didn’t think I could do anything else with it,” Stewart told Stern.

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“And thank God I did, because before Trump came, you need somebody who’s 32, 33, still has that type of energy – that type of stamina. That fire to go at it,” he continued. “I think I would have phoned it in.”

Stewart, 54, told “The Howard Stern Show” he was losing his motivation for the role. “I was making decisions about bits towards the end of ‘The Daily Show’ based on if I would have to change my clothes,” he admitted. “That’s how lazy I had gotten at that point.”

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Stern shared his own idea for what compelled Stewart to leave towards the end of his run: “You probably sat down with yourself and said, ‘If I’m to be honest, I’m not really into this job and I really don’t want to knock myself out every day and I don’t want to diminish what I’ve done.’”

Stewart could not help but agree. “I felt like it was absolutely the right time,” he said.

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