Most people have an embarrassing childhood crush, but Colin Farrell took his to the next level.

The 41-year-old appeared on Wednesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” to chat about his new film “The Killing of a Sacred Deer.”

However, it didn’t take long for talk to turn to any obsessions he may have had when he was growing up, with Farrell admitting his love for Marilyn Monroe when he was seven or eight years old.

The actor shared, “She’d been dead about 40 years at that stage, so she was a bit beyond my reach. It was a sign that I was somewhat delusional.”

Farrell went on to say that he used to leave her a “little note with some Smarties,” telling her to try them.

He admitted he wrote, “‘I know you’re dead, but they’re really good.'”

However, when Monroe failed to turn up to try the candy, Farrell was less than impressed. “I’d go up and this happened for about a week before I finally got the message that she wasn’t going to turn up,” he explained. “But, I used to get p**sed off with her for not responding.”

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“She was my first experience of romantic love,” he said. “The thing with her was, when I saw her for the first time in ‘Some Like It Hot’, she seemed so, as beautiful as she was and as exuberant as she was, there was a sadness that she could never ever hide as a performer.”

Farrell added, “There’s just this fragility and a need of comfort. It was so apparent in Marilyn that even as a boy I was feeling that hero complex.”

This isn’t the first time the Irish star has spoken of his love for Monroe, with him previously admitting he’d gone as far as to dig up her naked photos.

He told Elle back in 2014: “I felt instantly ashamed. I moved on swiftly to some unnamed, unrecognizable nude.”