As Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg continue to promote their latest film “Daddy’s Home 2”, the close friends and co-stars continue to learn more and more little facts about each other as the days go by.

Most recently, while appearing on “Good Morning Britain”, Ferrell was left speechless after learning about his co-star’s third nipple.

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While being quizzed on fun facts about Wahlberg’s body, Ferrell immediately shot down the existence of Wahlberg not-so-secret third nipple. “Which of these is correct about Mark Wahlberg? He has a six-pack, he has a third nipple, or he has 16-inch biceps?” host Ben Shephard asked during the morning segment.

“The third nipple? I’m not aware of that,” said Ferrell, after which Wahlberg confessed, saying, “Yes— I never made a point of showing him.”

A stunned Ferrell replied: “We never talked about that…I just assumed he has two of them.”

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Though Wahlberg’s third nipple has remained a mystery to Ferrell until now, his diehard fans will have surely noticed what looks to be a third nipple during his many shirtless sessions in front of the camera throughout the years.