Mariah Carey Says ‘I Just Don’t Think I Deserve’ To Be The ‘Queen Of Christmas’

Christmas is quickly approaching and that means Mariah Carey’s festive tunes can be heard just about everywhere.

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But the “Queen of Christmas” does not believe she has earned the moniker. When asked about the title, Carey told The Hollywood Reporter, “It’s not that I’m not thrilled. I just don’t think I deserve it. I’m just a person who likes Christmas, OK? Who happened to write some songs.”

That being said, she really does love the holiday season. “I’ve always loved Christmas,” insisted the singer. “Even though we didn’t have a lot of material things, like money, my mom would always make it festive.”

“She would wrap up, like, some fruit and sign the card from the dog or the cat. Just to have something to open up,” Carey continued. “Because I grew up in New York, sometimes we had snow at Christmas. Now I try to create this magical moment with Christmas where Santa Claus comes, and it’s in Aspen.”

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And speaking of Carey’s Christmas hits, here is one to get you in the festive spirit.

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