Ontario Woman Defrauded Of $2,700 By Fake Keanu Reeves Account

Police say a woman in Hamilton Township was duped out of nearly $3,000 by someone claiming to be Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves.

Northumberland County OPP say last month the woman began communicating with a person on Twitter she believed was Reeves, the star of movies such as “The Matrix” series, “John Wick” and “Speed.”

The individual claimed he was in Turkey on a movie set.

Police say eventually the individual requested money from her, indicating that the Turkish government was restricting access to his funds.

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“The victim withdrew $2,700 and attended a Western Union outlet to transfer the funds to the male,” police stated.

OPP say Western Union staff attempted to convince the woman she was being defrauded and refused to transfer the money.

However, the woman (whose hometown and age were not released) attended her own bank and was warned about the potential fraud.

“The bank eventually completed the transfer on the insistence of the victim,” said police.

Once the victim realized she had been defrauded, she contacted police.

OPP continue to investigate.




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