WARNING: Spoilers ahead for the Nov. 22 episode of W Network’s “The Bachelor Canada”.






With the hometown dates around the corner, Chris Leroux has to decide which of his Bachelorettes have true long-term potential by narrowing the six remaining women down to three.

A lot is at stake for the ladies, especially Jessie and Stacy, who’ve had little alone time with Chris up to this point. So when Jessie receives a coveted one-on-one date, she should be excited, right? Not if her anxiety can help it.

“It’s either you let me in or you let me go,” Jessie says before tearing up, clearly feeling the pressure to solidify a connection.

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During her date aboard a yacht, the two both let their guard down emotionally, but Jessie admits she struggles with showing affection – which clashes with Chris’ desire for the affection he didn’t get growing up. Later, during their seaside dinner, Jessie admits she feels she needed Chris to bring out the more vulnerable side of her, and while the date seems to end on a high note, she still worries about the possibility of going home.

Meanwhile, Chris takes Lyndsey, Stacy, and Mikaela on a group date to the beach. The women are tasked with making sand sculptures that represent their respective journeys with Chris. Lyndsey struggles the most with the challenge, but ultimately presents a sculpture of “The Bachelor Canada” mansion to represent “the very first moment that we met.” Not bad!

Despite her creativity, it’s Stacy who wins the competition and some much-needed quality time with Chris. There, she reveals she’s never invited a man home to meet her parents – adding some extra significance to her potential hometown date.

“You’re the type of person who takes love very seriously,” Chris tells her, and she later admits that she can “definitely” see herself falling for him.

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While Stacy walks away with a sense of clarity, Catie hops on an emotional roller coaster when she gets paired with Kait for the dreaded two-on-one date. The 29-year-old lawyer spends much of the episode hysterical over her selection for the date, which ends with one of the women being sent home immediately.

“I will literally explode if I go home,” she tells the camera before breaking down in tears.

When it’s time for the date, Chris admits having strong feelings for both of them. They each make their case and profess their love for him, but in the end, Catie ends up with the date rose – leaving Kait all alone atop the tropical mountain.

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Later, Chris cancels the cocktail party and opts instead to go straight into the rose ceremony. There, he says goodbye to Stacy, claiming he’s not comfortable being the first man she brings home, and Jessie who thanks him for “bringing out something in [her] that no one has.”

Watch “The Bachelor Canada” Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on W Network to see Chris’ hometown dates with Lyndsey, Mikaela, and Catie, followed by “The Bachelor Canada After Show”. Plus, watch the video below to see Bachelor Nation Insider Kaitlyn Bristowe guess the facial hair on the men from her season of “The Bachelorette” in honour of Movember.