Barbra Streisand Reveals Love For ‘The Crown’, Yells Favourite Swear Word In Hilarious ‘Ellen’ Interview

Barbra Streisand admitted she’s a huge fan of Beyonce and “The Crown”, as she dished on all of her favourite things while chatting with Ellen DeGeneres on Tuesday.

The 75-year-old, who has been busy promoting her Netflix special “The Music…The Mem’ries…The Magic!”, said, when asked about her favourite shows: “‘Breaking Bad’. ‘The Crown’ was great. I just haven’t had time, but over this holiday I’m taking time to binge-watch.”

Never one to hold her tongue, DeGeneres even asked the superstar what her favourite swear word was, to which Streisand seemingly mouthed “F***!”

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Streisand also spoke about being incredibly shy, with DeGeneres, 59, quizzing her: “It’s not what you love to do [performing]. You just happen to be brilliantly talented so you’re in front of people all the time. Why did you want to do the Netflix special?”

The Oscar-winning star replied, “I think it’s good to document the work, since it takes about three months to prepare a show, why not document it? Even if I didn’t release it.

“What’s wonderful is, I don’t enjoy performing, okay? I always have a bit of stage fright and it’s not a comfortable feeling. So, this is great because Netflix, for $10 a month, the whole family could see any show, and I don’t have to perform it.”

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Streisand was also asked about whether her extreme shyness means she’s ready to retire. However, the hitmaker insisted that this isn’t necessarily the case.

“I’m not retiring because I still want to direct movies. That’s what I love and I still like to make records.”

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