Suzanne Somers Recalls A Terrifying Incident In Mexico: ‘I Thought If I Run To The Ocean He Might Kill Me’

With the release of her new book, Two’s Company: A Fifty-Year Romance With Lessons Learned In Love, Suzanne Somers is getting candid about her life.

Joining ET Canada’s Sangita Patel in the studio alongside her husband, Alan Hamel, the 71-year-old former “Three’s Company” star opens up about her 26th book, where she recalls a terrifying incident that took place in the ’70s during a photo shoot in Mexico.

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“I had forgotten about this horrible thing,” Somers says. “I think we blunt and repress bad memories. I needed the money so bad. My little boy had been run over by a car. I had no insurance. The woman who ran over him had no insurance. His father had no insurance.”

Recalling a soon-after trip to Mexico where she made $1,500 to “wear a bikini and take brochure pictures,” Somers explains that things took a dark turn when she arrived, making her think, “I am so unsafe.” She reveals, “I’m with three guys and the first night we get there in a villa. They’re all drinking and there’s this creepy guy who works at the villa.”

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Somers continues, “I was afraid. I just wanted to get this job done and get the pictures taken and get back home.” She adds, “All of a sudden, this creepy guy is there and he’s stoned and drunk and he’s like, ‘You want some weed?’ and I’m like, ‘No, I don’t want anything,’ and then he lunges towards me and really tries to go after me and I ran.”

The actress reveals, “I’m in a house I don’t know and [the other men] had left. I’m in this house and I’m hiding behind a wall and he’s going, ‘Suzanne. Oh, Suzanne,’ like in the worst horror film. And I thought, ‘If I run to the ocean, he might kill me and no one will ever know what happened to me.’ […] I was completely powerless.”

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Somers says that she refrained from dealing with the incident. “What’s a younger mother to do?” she questions. “I was too proud to take any welfare. I never took anything from anybody. I had an Irish father who said, ‘Don’t take nothing from nobody.'”

While Somers recalls the horrifying “powerlessness” she felt at the time, the “Step by Step” star says that her life has since “turned out great,” looking at Hamel. The couple is still going strong after 50 years together, with Somers adding, “We’ve made every problem become an opportunity.”



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