Charlie Puth Takes On Backstreet Boys In Epic Mic-Dropping Rap Battle

“Drop the Mic” pits well-known singers against each other, not in a singing competition but in a rap battle, and the latest episode sees Charlie Puth face off against Backstreet Boys.

In this clip from the TV series’ latest episode (above), the “Attention” singer takes on the veteran boy band, and it’s a rap battle to remember.

Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter, 37,  doesn’t hold back when he goes after Puth, rapping: “There’s an old saying, that you’re the dumbest in your youth, well whoever said that, must have met Charlie Puth. I saw you on YouTube, you had me in tears. You covered Adele and Adele covered her ears.”

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If that stung, Puth didn’t show it, with the 25-year-old firing back with a vengeance.

“Now I’m a bit confused because I’m probably young, but someone please tell me how Nick is the cute one?” jabbed Puth. “In 2017 that sounds quite bizarre, you look like David Beckham if he lived in his car.”

The barbs get sharper and more pointed as the battle escalates, as you can see in the video above.

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