Jane Fonda Protests Big Oil At Vancouver Greenpeace Event

At age 77, Jane Fonda remains as politically active as ever, and is spending the weekend in Vancouver to lend her star power to protesting oil pipelines and the possibility that Shell Oil may move its fleet of oil tankers up the coast from Seattle to drill off the shores of Alaska.

The star is slated to be at Vancouver’s Jericho Beach today for Greenpeace’s “Toast the Coast”; rally, where she’ll join First Nations activists and environmentalists.

In an interview with Global BC, the Hollywood icon explains why she’s in Vancouver.

“I feel totally committed with every ounce of my being to stopping big oil from doing what they’re doing,”; she said in an interview with Global BC’s Lynn Colliar and Jay Durant.

The rally, she explains, “is both going to honour the coast, but also raise a voice against big oil,”; adding that drilling off the Alaska coast will mean more oil-laden tankers moving up and down Canada’s “pristine”; west coast. “It puts the coast at such risk.”;

How far is the actress — famously derided as “Hanoi Jane”; in the 1970s for protesting against the Vietnam War — willing to go for this cause?

“If I have to tie myself to some rig or if I have to lie down in front of a truck, I’ll do it,”; she tells The Vancouver Sun. “I’ve lived a good life. I’m willing to do that.”;

Watch Jane Fonda’s entire interview:

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