Wu-Tang Clan Sues Woof-Tang Clan Dog-Walking Company Over Trademark

A dog-walking company has run afoul of one of the most iconic rap groups of all time.

RZA, the de facto leader of the Wu-Tang Clan, is suing a company called Woof-Tang Clan over breach of copyright.

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According to The Guardian, the Brooklyn-based dog-walking outfit bills itself as “the illest group of dogs in New York City” and that their staff are “courteous and responsible, as long as we’re in agreement that Nas’ Illmatic is the greatest album of all time.”

The tribute didn’t sit well with the Wu-Tang Clan, with RZA filing a suit claiming the name and logo are “unmistakably associated” with the legendary group, and that Woof-Tang Clan’s filing for a trademark in June is in violation of the group’s copyright.

In an interview with the New York Daily News, Woof-Tang Clan owner Marty Cuatchon said, “I am a fan. We walk dogs. I thought it was a good idea.”

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The Woof-Tang Clan website had also been selling T-shirts featuring dog-ified classic hip-hop album covers, though they have now been removed from the site, NME reports.

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