Kendra Wilkinson has found herself in the centre of controversy after she filmed herself picking cotton from a stranger’s farm.

The 32-year-old former Playboy model filmed herself on social media picking cotton on the side of the road.

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In a series of videos, now deleted from her Instagram stories, Wilkinson was shown stopping at a nearby farm in Texas and entering without permission.

She can be heard saying, “I’m gonna get shot,” repeatedly.

After nabbing some, Wilkinson celebrates with a photo, “Always wanted to pick cotton, lol.”


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Her rep told TMZ that “she didn’t intend to offend, and she’s sorry if anyone took it the wrong way.”

Wilkinson has also apologized on her Instagram Stories, “So I guess wanting to pick some cotton and saying, ‘I’m gonna get shot,’ for trespassing is becoming news all of the sudden. Just having fun, guys. No harm just wanted to pick cotton. Just wanting to have some fun with my family.”

Adding, “So, no joke, I’ve always wanted to pick cotton. So I picked it and it felt good in my hands. It was all fuzzy and s**t. I just didn’t want to get shot for trespassing so, here I am explaining once again. Love you.”

According to some in the Twitterverse who responded negatively to her post, insisting that a white woman picking cotton is racist, Wilkinson fired back in a series of tweets.