“Justice League” fans are calling on Warner Bros. to release Zack Snyder’s cut after he was forced to step down from the film following a family tragedy.

Synder started the recently released movie in 2013 before Joss Whedon was brought in to finish post-production, which saw script rewrites and reshoots.

However, movie lovers are now desperate to see what Snyder put together after they were left disappointed by the finished cut, insisting the original fan base had been “alienated.”

A change.org petition calling for the release of Snyder’s offering has now attracted almost 100,000 signatures.

A fan wrote in the summary box on the page, “‘Justice League’ was released worldwide on Nov. 17, 2017. Fans around the world gathered to see the culmination of a trilogy that Zack Snyder started in 2013. To the dismay of many, the film released by WB was NOT the one fans were expecting.”

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The lengthy post continued, “While fans expected Whedon would add some of his signature style to the script, no one expected the overhaul done to Snyder’s original film and Terrio’s original script.

“Two weeks before the film released, fans were treated to another red flag when Justice League’s run time was made public. The film was set to be under 2 hours, a mandate forced by WB in an attempt to be accessible to a wider audience. Those familiar with the production of the film, and the style of Zack Snyder, found this troubling.

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“Leaked scenes have shown Snyder’s original cut had been butchered,” the post read before claiming that the released version of “Justice League” was a “disrespectful overhaul in an attempt to pander to the widest audience.”

The reviews seemed to mirror the above comments, with “Justice League” opening to a disappointing box office and even more disappointing reviews.

Critics panned the superhero flick with such descriptives as “an embarrassment beyond saving” and “a collection of missed opportunities and flubbed ideas.”

“Justice League” is in theatres now.