Jimmy Fallon can keep his cool around the biggest celebrities, but he lost it when faced with wild animals.

On Thursday, 13-year-old guest Robert Irwin, son of the late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, appeared on “The Tonight Show” and brought with him a number of not-so-cuddly animals to play with.

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First up was a tamandua, a kind of anteater. When Fallon tried to pick it up, the anteater crawled on top of him, grabbing on with its claws.

“Isn’t that awesome?” Irwin asked.

“Yeah, I guess it was awesome,” Fallon joked.

It only got more wild from there, as Irwin had Fallon get stomach-down on the floor, only to have some handlers drop baby leopards on top of the terrified host.

“They’re small,” Fallon said, “but that anteater almost got me, so I’m worried about the leopard.”

Next up was a very cute, strange-looking creature called a prehensile-tailed porcupine. Irwin explained that the animals greet each other with their noses, suggesting Fallon do the same.

“That’s how they greet one another,” the host said, “but I’m not one of these.”

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Finally, Irwin got Fallon and some of the Roots to stand in a line to hold Butterscotch — “the cutest animal on earth”– an albino Burmese python.

“I’m thinking about just running away right now,” Fallon said.