‘New Girl’ Star Jake Johnson Reveals How The Cast Saved Show From Cancellation To Give Viewers A ‘Final Goodbye’

“New Girl” will be returning next year with its seventh and final season, and star Jake Johnson reveals that had it not been for the intervention of the cast, Fox would have likely cancelled the show after season six.

In an interview with TV Line,, Johnson explains that series creator Liz Merriwether suggested that the cast reach out to network heads Dana Waldon and Gary Newman to plead for a farewell season that would allow the show to end on its own terms.

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“I was one of [cast members] that wrote them and asked for more,” Johnson says in an interview with TVLine. “I said, ‘I don’t think you gave us enough time to finish the show the right way. And I would really appreciate — and I think the fans would appreciate — a final goodbye to these characters.’”

In his plea to the network, Johnson pointed out how rare it is in the current era of “peak TV” to have such a loyal fan base. “I’ve done a lot of projects — and some of the projects have fans and some don’t,” adds Johnson “And to be on a television show that actually has a group of people who care [is special].”

As a result, Fox is bringing back “New Girl” for an eight-episode swan-song, and there will be a big twist: the farewell season will feature a time jump, picking up four years after the sixth-season finale.

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“I think it’s cool to do a time jump,” Johnson says. “I think we we were running in circles a little bit, so I think jumping forward [is smart]. Everyone is a little further along [with their lives].”

Look for the final season of “New Girl” to air sometime in 2018.

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