Rebel Wilson became emotional during a candid interview with Australia’s “Sunday Night” show as she discussed her legal victory after being awarded $4.5 million from suing Bauer Media for defamation, with false reports running in several of the company’s publications that Wilson says nearly destroyed her career just as it was taking off.

During the interview, Wilson said that she testified in court that tabloid reports she had lied about her age were completely false — she had simply chosen to not publicly reveal it. In addition, she also refuted stories stating that she had also lied about her name, proving in court that “Rebel” was a nickname her family had given her, which she legally adopted in 202.

“I’ve proved very publicly that what I was saying was the truth and that they wrote a bunch of lies, and that I was maliciously defamed,” she told “Sunday Night”.

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“Yes, I’m an actress and I’m in the public eye,” she said, her eyes filling with tears, “but I’m a human being, who worked really, really hard to get to that point. And then to have it all taken away was just, it was just malicious, and it was ugly.”

Wilson ultimately won the case, and was awarded $4.56 million in damages — the highest figure ever awarded for a defamation suit in Australian history.

Describing the tabloid reports as “an intentional take-down,” she added: “They were just absolutely brutal and bullied me into the ground.”

As she pointed out, the amount of effort and hard work she put into launching her Hollywood career cannot be discounted.

“This is a girl who went to L.A. with just one suitcase and a pillow and a doona … These people — they have no idea how to actually make it over there, especially being someone like me who’s not, you know, a glamour kind of actress. I’ve done it all just through hard work and my own talent, and imagination.”

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Meanwhile, Wilson reveals that despite her legal victory, the battle is far from over, as Bauer Media is launching an appeal to have the amount of the damages reduced — despite Wilson’s declaration that she’ll be donating any money she receives to charity.

“They’re whining about the amount they’re gonna have to pay me,” Wilson added, “which is really gross considering that I’m giving the money to charity.”