UPDATE (Wednesday, June 117, 6:47 p.m): There appears to be a difference of opinion as to whether a manuscript for the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey novel was stolen or not, with U.K. police insisting it’s not while the publisher believes otherwise.

As Gossip Cop reports, police in Kent, England, say there is “no evidence”; Grey was ever stolen, adding that the case is closed and there will be “no more action”; taken.

The book’s publisher, however, begs to differ, insisting a manuscript was indeed pilfered. However, a spokesperson for Random House reportedly said the publisher is “delighted that the book’s theft does not appear to have been for any malicious intent or financial gain.”;

UPDATE (Wednesday, June 10, 2:47 p.m): A spokesperson from Random House has issued a statement addressing the alleged theft of an unpublished manuscript of Grey, the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey novel slated to arrive in bookstores next week.

Grey will be published on June 18th — Christian Grey’s birthday — as planned,”; says the statement from Deputy Publicity Director Natalie Higgins. “We can confirm that the Kent police are investigating the theft of a finished copy of EL James’s new book Grey. We will not be issuing any further statement.”;

The manuscript of the latest book in the Fifty Shades of Grey series has reportedly been stolen, days before the book is due to be published.

Or has it? According to a story in U.K. newspaper The Telegraphthe manuscript for Grey is due to be published next Thursday, but reports are circulating that a manuscript has been stolen from a warehouse prompting fears it will be sold on the black market.

However, a spokesperson for CPI UK (one of the companies printing the book) tells The Telegraph that she knows nothing about any theft.

“I doubt it’s gone missing from one of our printworks,”; she said, “seeing as I haven’t heard about it.”;

Meanwhile, The Telegraph also notes that “no police force in the country appears to have a record of the crime report.”;

Penguin Random House has declined to comment on the manuscript’s theft. Meanwhile, the publisher’s lawyers state “they could not divulge any information about the crime.”;

Grey, the latest novel in the Fifty Shades series, is believed to be written from the perspective of kinky protagonist Christian Grey.