Zac Efron has been having the time of his life while lensing a movie in Hawaii, and tweeted various photos and video of his adventures swimming with tiger sharks of the coast of Oahu.


But should he really do doing this? Experts are apparently divided, reports TMZ.

Naturalist Juan Oliphant set up the dive for Zac and co-star Adam DeVine, and told TMZ the whole point of the shark encounter was “to show the beauty of sharks so people will think twice before poaching them for fin soup.”;

Famed documentary filmmaker Jeff Kurr, however, has a different opinion. Familiar to fans of Discovery’s Shark Week, Kurr has years of experience documenting the movements of these fearsome underwater predators, and feels Zac was wrong to go swimming with sharks.

As he tells TMZ, not only was Zac’s dive reckless — tiger sharks, he says, are dangerously and highly unpredictable — it could actually result in making people more fearful of sharks. Watch: