Hometown Dates End With A Literal Jaw-Dropper On ‘The Bachelor Canada’

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for the Nov. 29 episode of W Network’s “The Bachelor Canada”.





With three women remaining, it’s time for Mikaela, Catie, and Lyndsey to each introduce Chris to their families.

First up is Mikaela, who takes Chris to a horse ranch in her hometown of Winnipeg. There, she reveals that horseback riding helped instill her with the confidence she needed as she dealt with bullying growing up.

“This is a sport that you don’t have to look a certain way to be good at,” she tells Chris, “and I think that it taught me a lot about just being confident and being fearless.”

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The two also discuss the imminent prospect of being engaged. Mikaela boldly says, “I want to be at the end of this with you not because, out of the three people left, we have the best connection, but I want to be at the end of this with you because I’m the girl of your dreams.” However, Chris privately admits to questioning whether his feelings are “strong enough to last forever.”

Perhaps meeting her family will help. The couple arrive at Mikaela’s family home to meet her brother, her sister, her mom and dad, and her stepdad. While little brother Luke kicks off the line of questioning harmlessly enough, patriarch Clive kicks things into high gear; he grills the former MLB player about his academic history and his plans for the future as a 33-year-old retiree. Eventually, Chris sits down with Clive and stepdad Michael alone, where he successfully makes it through relentless questioning to earn a stamp of approval.

“If Mikaela comes home with a ring on her finger, and I look in her eyes and know she’s truly happy, that’s good enough for me,” Clive concludes.

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Next, it’s off to Toronto to reunite with Catie. She greets Chris at a local coffee shop, where she assures Chris he’ll see a “softer, more chill” side of her. Still, she’s her usual talkative self, which has Chris lamenting that he “can’t get a word in.”

The 29-year-old lawyer proceeds to open her journal, which contains a detailed description of a soulmate who possesses all of Chris’ physical and emotional qualities – right down to his name, which she claims a medium predicted two years prior. So much for “more chill.”

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Despite admitting that Catie’s confidence in their compatibility is “a little intimidating,” Chris is put back at ease by meeting her family, including her father, John. Unlike the archetypal overbearing dad, he welcomes his daughter’s suitor with open arms, leading Chris to characterize him as “the most mellow guy ever.”

“If he’s spent 30 years with Catie and he’s done alright, then I feel like we can be pretty successful as a couple,” Chris proclaims.

Finally, Chris heads to Duncan, B.C., situated on Vancouver Island. There, Lyndsey welcomes him to meet her grandfather, who advises the couple to “be yourself and appreciate each other.” She then takes Chris to the exact spot where Grandpa D said goodbye to his wife of 57 years, something Chris doesn’t take lightly.

“Today is just the realization that I’ve been in my own head for too long about her,” Chris declares. “I can truly see myself with Lyndsey forever.”

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But the excitement is short-lived as the couple head to Lake Cowichan to meet the rest of the family. There, Lyndsey’s parents and two sisters almost immediately put Chris in the hot seat, questioning his feelings and their 10-year age gap. Some of dad Rod’s most memorable zingers include “To me, it’s not real love” and “If I have to hunt you down and beat you like a mule, it’s necessity.” Not exactly warm and fuzzy.

But just when it it looks like things can’t get any more awkward, Chris sits down with Lyndsey’s sisters, Kelsey and Katryna. In addition to admitting they don’t want their sister to settle down, they insist that their sister couldn’t possibly move away from Vancouver, criticize Chris’ lack of hiking skills, and seemingly forbid him from inviting Lyndsey to the fantasy suite.

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After three strikingly different hometown dates, it’s back to Toronto, where Chris has to decide which of the ladies to part ways with. Does he say goodbye to Mikaela, who may not have the “forever” factor? Catie, whose welcoming family can’t quite drown out her intense personality? Or Lyndsey, whose father and sisters object to the whole process?

In the end, it’s Catie who’s left to pick her jaw up off the floor after Chris leaves her without a rose.

Watch part 1 of “The Bachelor Canada” finale Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on W Network, followed by “The Bachelor Canada After Show”.

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