It’s no secret that Emma Stone has won the lottery when it comes to some of her gorgeous co-stars.

In her decade of making us laugh on the big screen, Stone has shared the screen with the likes of Colin Firth, Penn Badgley, real-life boyfriend Andrew Garfield, Joaquin Phoenix, Ryan Gosing and Ryan Reynolds (although the latter just included her voice) and most recently, Bradley Cooper.

When you’re one of Hollywood’s brightest stars and you basically have your pick at any leading man, who do you choose?

Don’t fret, because the good people at the Wall Street Journal have the answers.

Putting Stone to the test, the publication asked the 26-year-old actress a series of rapid fire questions, which included what she prefers between: Hot yoga or a cold martini? Paparazzi or colonoscopy? Sunscreen or suntan? Glamping with Warren Buffet or Bungee Jumping with Bill Gates?

And the Sophie’s Choice of any modern day woman: Bradley Cooper or Ryan Gosling?

Watch the fun video for all the answers to the questions above (which are respectively: hot yoga, colonoscopy, suntan (surprisingly), glamping) and more below.