Bryan Cranston flashed the flesh on Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” as he joined numerous celebrities on the host’s third annual (RED) shopathon.

Hosting one segment alongside Kristen Bell, Kimmel shouted: “Oh my goodness, it’s Bryan Cranston!” as the actor could be seen covering his modesty with just a semi-sheer shower panel as he scrubbed away under the water.

As Bell complimented him, Cranston replied: “Thanks Kristen, I smell good because I did good,” pointing out that the products he was using helped to raise money in the fight against AIDS.

Kimmel then suggested, “Hey Bryan, seeing as you’re here and already naked, you might want to stay and host the rest of the shopathon with us.”

However, the star insisted: “That’s awfully tempting, but no can do. You see, Bryan Cranston… he likes to fight AIDS the old-fashioned way.”

As the presenting duo questioned what he was talking about, Cranston replied: “Well…by running it over, Jimmy,” as he rode off on a red Vespa wearing a women’s bathrobe.

The skit also featured surprise appearances from the likes of Ashton Kutcher.

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Barack Obama also did a piece to camera to raise AIDS awareness on the show. He explained, “Hi, everybody. This World AIDS Day, everyone has a role to play. Jimmy Kimmel’s not just a talk show host, he’s an activist.

“Bono’s not just a musician, he’s ringmaster of a whole shopping extravaganza. And me, I’m not just a former president, I’m a husband who hasn’t done his Christmas shopping yet. Fortunately, (RED) is making my part easy.”

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He continued, “Cable news and our Twitter feeds can make it feel like cynicism is everywhere. But, when it comes to the fight against HIV/AIDs, there’s some genuinely good news to share.

“For the first time in history, more than half of all people living with the virus are on life-saving medication. Since the peak of the virus, AIDS-related deaths have been cut in half.”

Tuesday’s show also saw U2’s Bono and Chris Martin belt out “One For My Baby”, complete with a Sean Penn cameo.

Sean Diddy Combs appeared on the show as well to hand over a cheque for half a billion dollars and to thank Bono for all of his hard work in raising the huge amount of money and starting the shopathon.

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