As the scandal involving Matt Lauer’s firing from NBC’s “Today” due to sexual harassment continues to deepen with “multiple women” making disturbing allegations against the once-beloved morning host, TMZ has dug up some video indicating evidence of Lauer’s behaviour may have been on display in plain sight — viewers just didn’t notice.

In one video unearthed by TMZ, Lauer and then-co-host Meredith Vieira are on the “Today” set, but not yet on the air, when Vieira (off camera) apparently bends down to retrieve some papers from the floor.

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“Pretty sweater,” quips Lauer as he eyes her. “Keep bending over like that. It’s a nice view.”

A different video features another of Lauer’s former co-hosts, Katie Couric, during a 2012 interview with Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live.”

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Asked by Cohen to single out Lauer’s most-annoying bit of behaviour, Couric remarks, “He pinches me on the ass a lot.” Watch: